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Not Beautiful

Working on making the tone of my voice beautiful is important for lots of the singing I do. But recently I was asked to sing in a manner that made me sound a bit like Mickey Mouse doing musical theatre, but maybe more irritating. It was odd, but it was actually a lot of fun trying to change the tone of my voice in that manner.

I wasn't sure, at first, as to the best way to do this. In the end I switched to my head voice and then used my tongue to obstruct the sound. I was careful not to use my throat to make the sound. I could do that but I wasn't sure if it would cause stress and I also needed to be able to sing with my normal voice. I may not have sounded beautiful, or even pleasant, but I certainly showed that I have control over the sounds that I do make.

Tart with Nasty Voice

Image by Teruaki Ito

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