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In Quarantine

It's day 4 of being stuck in hotel quarantine. I arrived before New Year so the first few days were national holidays. But it's now the first working Monday of the year. I was up early as announcements start here at after 6:30am as the Japanese are morning people and no-one seems concerned that everyone in quarantine will have jet lag. I've been working on scheduling and creating workshop content but what can I do to work on my voice? I can't really make much sound as not only are the walls thin but my husband is also having to work from this tiny room.

Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercise

I don't have a straw with me but there are many other exercises I can do. I have been bubbling, lip trilling, and doing the puffy cheek exercise. I could be better at the puffy cheek one, so good to get some time to practice it. (The Naked Vocalist have described this well.)

Physical Exercise

This is problematic as there really isn't much room. Since my husband is using the small desk I'm typing this from the bed. I have been able to do a few standing stretches but nothing much. There are more mirrors, than I have at home, so I have been working on neck and head stretches as I can clearly see this.


Since I was traveling in December I do have lots of training videos to catch up on. I am a member of The Sing Space and I'm way behind with their content. I don't have many books with me. I have my kindle, but I mostly use that for fiction as I still prefer paper copies of text books. I have registered for a new course at The Voice College Academy, so will start to work on that. I plan to mostly look at academic content as I will get frustrated if things are too practical and I can't try out the exercises.

I am missing using my voice at full volume. When I get home I am going to belt for the joy of it. It's good though to be reminded that I do still sing for joy and not just because it's part of my work.

I'm also missing getting to choose my own food and being in control of my diet. We are being served three cold bento meals a day and they are very carbohydrate heavy.

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