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Working Life

The state of emergency was lifted at the start of the month and for this first time this year I'm having to turn down work that I can't fit into my schedule. I have been doing a number of different things including teaching, coaching, writing children's songs, and voice acting.

The voice acting job was the one I felt most nervous about. Studio work feels high pressured. There is a limited amount of time and so many people involved that you really don't want to make any mistakes. It was exciting getting to play a new character and I'm always thankful when I get this sort of work, even if I have to try hard to control my nerves.

I have also been directing and it's been wonderful to get back into the rehearsal space. Our covid measures do still make it feel a little strange, but happy to comply with these as long as we can actually put on a show.

I still haven't made many plans for 2022. Covid has made that difficult, especially regarding my theatre work. I have never been good at coping with rapid change and I worry about becoming invested in new projects only to have them ripped away again. I have agreed to three teaching jobs, two of which can use Zoom, so hopefully those will start as planned at the beginning of the year.

More work means being outside more, and getting to walk through the park.

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