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I directed Tokyo International Players main stage production of Beauty and the Beast, 

written by Laurence Boswell with music by Mick Sands. This took place in May 2024 which was my seventh time directing for the company. 

I have always been drawn to fairy tales as they are stories that keep being retold, suggesting that there is something timeless about them that speaks to the human condition. This is true about BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, which at its core, is about looking beyond the surface to find the true essence of individuals, in a world that often prioritises outward appearances. There are many ways to tell this story, and to show the importance of inner beauty. This production takes a fun and quirky approach as I enjoy theatre that combines text based work with movement and physical theatre techniques. Stage directions, such as “chorus becomes country” certainly provided a challenge, but it was exciting watching the ensemble working on these aspects and the creativity of the entire cast became the highlight of the rehearsal process.


Creating a show is a collaborative process that would be impossible without the support of a dedicated team. I am indebted to our choreographer, Dale Geyer, whose creative skill and willingness to embrace the theatricality of this piece has greatly enhanced the production. Thank you, Dale, for being such a joy to work with and for accommodating my unusual requests about horses and dancing flowers.


Joan Chen, our stage manager, has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this production. I truly could not have done this without her.

Kate Cwynar, our assistant director, has played a crucial role in the rehearsal process and has consistently stepped beyond her comfort zone to help with anything I have asked. Together, they have created a safe and creative environment for the cast to explore the piece.


Shinji Kobata, as always, went above and beyond in his assistance and dedication to the show, working tirelessly to address issues so that I did not have to. My thanks also go to the board of Tokyo International Players, and particularly to Brian Berdanier for his friendship, support, and assistance throughout this process.


Finally, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with each member of this wonderful cast and crew. Thank you for all the hard work, creative imagination, and for embracing the challenges to create something magical.


Karen Pauley

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