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River's End

On Sunday night I took part in my last performance of Big River, with Tokyo International Players.

There were many new experiences and challenges working on this project, but the stand out thing was the people I worked with. I was incredibly impressed by the director, stage manager, and the production team. It made such a difference working with people who had a strong vision for the show and were competent in facilitating that. I loved how the cast worked together. We had a story to tell and everyone helped each other tell it. There was a lot of love and support and a real feeling that we wanted each other to succeed and perform to the best of our ability. It was also a joy working with the incredibly talented musicians.

Photo of “Do Ya Wanna Go to Heaven”, by Teruaku Ito

Image of “Do Ya Wanna Go to Heaven”, by Teruaku Ito

You can read a review of the performance by My Eyes Tokyo.

"Karen Pauley (Miss Watson) and Russell Nakagome (Young Fool) to name only a few, stood out with their pleasant voices and delivery."

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