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Watching Chicago

I saw Chicago this afternoon on Broadway. I was concerned that my seat in the rear mezzanine would be too far from the stage, but the view was fine. I first saw Chicago in the Opera House in Belfast about 15 years ago. At that point I didn't know anything about the musical and I wasn't overly keen on a lot of the songs. Now, that I know it at lot better, there are parts of it I love. I prefer the males roles and my favourite song is Mr. Cellophane. Ray Bokhour, who sang it today, was wonderful.

Not surprisingly the whole show was incredibly good. I loved how simple the set was and that the live band was visible on stage. The dancing was amazing and the cast all looked fabulous. I will be singing a couple of the songs from the show later on this year and I will admit to feeling a little old for the role. But today the actress playing Velma was more than 10 years older than me and she was fantastic. I will not manage to be as fit as that, but I was certainly inspired to try a lot harder.


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