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TIP Youth - Production Week

Tonight we had the last performance of My Son Pinocchio Jr. I was feeling rather emotional watching the children perform today. They have worked so hard and improved so much from the first rehearsal. I was impressed by how well they recovered if anyone made a mistake on stage. The cast were really watching out for each other and doing their best to be supportive. Considering that some of the cast members were only 8 years old, it was amazing how well they performed.

TIP Youth's 2016 -2017 season will be closing tomorrow night with the final performance of Fame Jr. I'm looking forward to seeing the show. I have been back stage so haven't gotten to see how everything looks now that the costumes, set, and lights are finished. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

I will miss working with the group, but I'm very glad I got to work with the talented cast and crew.

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