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Musical Theatre Improv

I started the New Year by attending a five day musical theatre improv workshop taught by the Showstoppers. I find improv hard when it doesn't involve singing and dancing, but it certainly is an amazing challenge adding it into the mix.

We started the week by creating simple verse chorus songs and the course ended by creating a 30 minute improvised musical, with five other students, that had opening and closing songs, and scenes in the middle to connect everything. The musical was set in space with a title of "Out of the World". It is easy to get caught up in criticizing the final piece and seeing the things we did not do well, but when compared with our work at the start of the workshop we came a long way.

There can be a lot of joy and positivity in improv as well as fear. I loved how much the group I worked with wanted each other to succeed. It's a great feeling to know that the group will be there for you and will back you up no matter what idea you decide to try.

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