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Fantasmargorical Show

It's almost a week since the last performance of Tokyo International's Players production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was the largest show I have directed and I still don't know how I felt when the final curtain closed.

Cast and Crew of TIP's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cast and Crew of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Photo Credit: Rodger Sono

There were some interesting vocal challenges in the show. I used women in scenes that are often sung only by men, and since we can't change the keys of the songs, the women ended up having to switch octaves mid-chorus, just so they could sing the songs. Some of the harmony lines were harder than the ensemble were expecting and it took quite a while to get the correct choral sound for some of the pieces. In the end I was very happy with how the ensemble sounded.

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