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Character Songs Musical Theatre Workshop

On Saturday, April 16th 1pm-4pm & April 23rd 1pm-5pm (JST) I will be running an online musical theatre workshop for Tokyo International Players. Tickets are available to purchase at the TIP website.

Course Description

Musicals operate on a heightened dramatic scale. Characters burst into song to tell us about who they are, their hopes, desires, and motivations. Character songs do not move the action forward, but instead propel the character and the audience through the show. They are also the most memorable and recorded songs from musicals as they deal with universal wants and needs.

Day 1

We will review examples of character songs from the golden age of musical theater through to the contemporary musicals of Disney, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Kitt & Yorkey. We will look at the vocal technique and the various voice qualities that are used to ensure that the character clearly articulates their desires and motivations. We will also look at ways to create the character to ensure that sound and physicalization of the character is consistent during both speaking and singing.

Day 2

After a warm-up you will be able to bring the song you want to sing and there will be time for you to receive feedback and to work on your vocal technique. The song does not need to be polished or complete and can be a work in progress. We will finish with an overview of the techniques that we have observed.

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