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Going Virtual

I have watched many online events over the past few month. Some of these I have loved, such as the Traverse Theatre Festival, and Elephant Room Productions As I Was, Not As I Am. Others I have found dull and forced into the "zoom" format. It's hard for these productions to feel like theatre as being part of a virtual audience feels nothing like being in an actual theatre.

I have not been keen on putting on virtual shows. I worked on one zoom musical and it involved recording all the singing in advance as groups can't sing together live. This lead to lots of additional work and editing and a performance that was a mixture of live work and lip syncing. But as we still can't go back in to the rehearsal room I have decided to start working on an online event. As I don't like how singing sounds live streamed from our living rooms I am going to film the performances in a studio. If we only have one soloist at a time, plus the production team, we will have plenty of room for social distancing.

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