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John Hemstock Black

I'm directing Tokyo International Player's October 2022 concert reading of Alexander Page's new musical - JOHN HEMSTOCK BLACK.

It's both exciting and a little terrifying to be working on a new piece. I have been working with Alex on and off over the past year analysing the script and working on arranging the music for the ensemble. At the minute we are doing character work in the rehearsals and on Wednesday we have our first in-person rehearsal and we'll get to hear the cast sing together for the first time.


How far would you go to preserve your family's honor? To save a loved one from the cruelest of fates? Based on the true story of a single, desperate murder in the darkest depths of Georgian England, JOHN HEMSTOCK BLACK is the musical exploration of a troubled soul and the motley crew of colorful characters surrounding him. Playwright/composer Alexander Page cites classic dark comedies such as SWEENEY TODD and THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD as his chief influences; our thrilling, chilling concert reading of JOHN HEMSTOCK BLACK is sure to keep audiences right on the edge of their seats!

Note that this show includes graphic references to acts of violence.

Friday October 14th at 7pm

Saturday October 15th, 1pm and 7pm

Sunday October 16th, 1pm and 7pm

The box office is open!

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