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Small Productions

I have been working on Say Nothing's upcoming concert - The Musical Pioneers. With a combination of online rehearsals and socially distant in-person rehearsals we should be ready to film the event this weekend.

I envy groups that have large productions team. When the team is only 4 people you end doing all sorts of things that you don't feel qualified for. I am very happy running a rehearsal but creating an email campaign takes more time than I would like as I end up fighting with software and worrying about marketing, which is not my specialty. But then it's not the specialty of stage managers, directors, or lighting designers, so we all end up doing things we are not overly comfortable with. I often hear complaints regarding how the English-language theatre groups in Tokyo communicate, but few of us have a dedicated social media manager. Now we need websites, facebook, instagram, twitter, and email campaigns, and all of these things are different in how they need to be targeted. And all of these things need to be monitored and analyzed to see how effective they are.

I love seeing the end product, and am incredibly happy to be doing something creative, but at times all of the other work and administration can be tiring.

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