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Staged Reading: Natural Shocks

The last piece I worked on that went on stage was Tokyo Theatre for Children's production of the Weirdest Kid I Know, in November 2019. Everything I was due to work on after that has been cancelled, postponed, or moved online. I love large scale musicals and big projects and although in theatre we say things like "go big, or go home", I thought this would be a good time to do something small and intimate. The pandemic is not over and large projects still feel like too much of a risk.

People have asked why bother at all trying to get back into the rehearsal room and on stage? I believe that in-person theatre allows audiences to connect over shared truths in a way that is not possible watching recordings of theatre or live streamed theatre. The audience is an integral part of the performance and when you watch these events by yourself at home you don't have the same focus as the audience that was present, and you can also feel removed from the whole thing. You are observing, not participating.

Tokyo International Players has put together a staged reading series that will be performed for limited audiences of 12 people with strict COVID-19 prevention protocols in place. I will be directing their reading of NATURAL SHOCKS, by Lauren Gunderson.

The performances will take place on:

Friday, October 22nd at 7pm;

Saturday, October 23rd at 2pm and 7pm;

Sunday, October 24th at 2pm

Tickets are 2500 yen with advance reservation. No walk-ins will be admitted.

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