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The Weirdest Kid

Tokyo Theatre for Children's new show The Weirdest Kid I Know opens tomorrow night at Woody Theater in Nakameguro. This is only the second time that I been fortunate enough to work on a brand new show. The show was written and directed by Jon Sabay, a professional comedian, improviser, and voice actor. The music was written by Kevin McHugh, a professional composer and pianist. Their combined talents have produced a show that is quirky, fun, and surprisingly endearing.

The music blends musical theatre with jazz and a little bit of rap. And since it is a show for children there is also a little bit of cheesiness thrown in for fun. The songs are catchy and I find myself singing sections from "Bouncy House" and "I Used To Be Somebody" as I go about my day. "As Close As We Can Get" is absolutely beautiful and makes me smile every time I hear it.

The story is based around Sam, who is the weirdest kid in school Sam talks weird, Sam eats weird, and Sam has a weird-smelling house. As the new kid in school, that’s not what Sam wants. Sam just wants to be normal. Unfortunately, Sam might not just be the weirdest kid in school — Sam might be the weirdest kid on earth.

Hope to see you at the show!

Rian Zeleny, as Ruby, in The Weirdest Kid I Know -- Photo Credit: Teru Ito

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